Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 83: Baker City, OR (rest day)


Old Timer's Day Festival - Jackson, MT

Jackson, MT

At the Adventure Cycling Association's office, they took portraits of each of us for posterity. (Missoula, MT)

Missoula has a giant concrete "M" on a hillside overlooking Missoula and the valley. I took the 15 minute hike up the hill. It is a breathtaking view. This is a picture of a tired kid who just hiked up the steep hill and is resting against the base of the "M".

A view from the "M"

We followed this river during our 80 mile downhill from Lolo pass.

Another bike tourist. Check out his homemade panniers.

I had to yell the cheesy line from the Titanic movie: "I'm king of the world!" This picture was taken between Grangeville and White Bird, ID.

Pete is known to draft (a little too close) so he doesn't have to fight the headwinds. We joke about the face we see in our rear view mirrors, so Terry asked Pete to pose for a picture giving his drafting face. Cait has scolded Pete many times for drafting to close behind us, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Between Grangeville and White Bird, ID

Between Grangeville and White Bird, ID

Switchbacks near White Bird, ID - check them out on Google Maps

Changing another flat tire...I believe this is my fourth puncture during the trip.

I always love seeing animals outside of their pen. (near Riggins, ID)

near Riggins, ID

Old farm equipment - seen everywhere in the middle of nowhere

Cait rigged a flower on her bike. Notice how the stem goes into her water bottle...ingenious. It reminds me of how girls put a flower in their VW Bugs.

Entering Hell's Canyon - There was a cold rain before we entered, so thankfully it was not hot as it is known to be. I was told that last years group had 110 degree weather when they passed through Hell's Canyon.

Brownlee Reservior in Hell's Canyon

The last one!

I had my eyes peeled, but didn't see any.

Hell's Canyon

Picking roadside black berries in Hell's Canyon...

...and they were good!

The original ruts of the Oregon Trail (east of Baker City, OR)

Sunset beyond the mountains (Baker City, OR)


allie said...


i liked the religious materials burning center particularly...

(your mail is on its way to eugene. not willamette, as i had previously incorrectly stated.)

Anonymous said...

Chad - loved the cow video. Congratulations on reaching your last state! See ya at the finish line - Dad

Anonymous said...

Chad -
I know you were disturbed and saddened to ride by the signs in Riggins, ID. Indeed it is very sad to see this picture, but not surprising. You are simply seeing first-hand evidence of the Bible warnings of false teachers.

allie said...

note to chad's dad, bob:

i was joking about the liking of the burning center. just wanted to be sure you knew. cuz i felt terribly guilty thinking you might think i actually did like it....

Anonymous said...


sadly i think i'll be gone when you get back to austin. however, your mom told me the train thing didn't work out and will be back sometime early next week. i'm leaving town wednesday late afternoon so if you're around and want to hang out, let me know. congrats on riding across the country on a bike!

~ kari