Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 91: Florence, OR

I made it!

This morning was a cool and gloomy morning with typical rainy and foggy Oregon coast weather as we biked our last few miles into Florence. We found a spot under the Highway 101 bridge to do the wheel dipping ceremony. We sloshed through mud and high grass to get down into the water where my family took our pictures while it continued to rain on us...all apart of the adventure! I smiled all morning with a huge sense of accomplishment knowing I had accomplished a life goal of riding coast to coast that I have been dreaming about for four years.

The picture above was taken with my phone, but I will post more pictures when I get to a proper computer.


allie said...

congratulations! see you in a week-ish!

Brooke & Freeland said...

ahhhhh!!!! Congratulations! HUGE accomplishment and so amazing! Very happy for you friend!

Anonymous said...

Well done Chad. I've been watching your progress and telling all my friends about this guy I know biking across the country. You ready to go back to work, or ready to quit altogether?


Jon Williams said...

Congrats Chad,
been reading and thinking about your group since meeting you in Carbondale. You are very fortunate to have a supportive family. Good Luck on your next adventure. Jon Williams

Paige said...

Yeah!!!! Congratulations, Chad, that's so exciting!!!!! You did it! I can't wait to see you!
- Paige

Michael said...

You are a machine! Congratulations on making it to Oregon.

Lance Hankins said...

Congratulations Chad - that's quite an accomplishment. Some day you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about this adventure. Better save the pictures or they might not believe you :)

See you soon.

Drew Mitchell said...

Chad! CONGRATS MAN! You did it! Thanks for keeping me entertained this summer! I loved your blogging and photos. Sounds like you had a great trip from start to finish. I'm glad you avoided Nevada and Cali and went the more northern route, I am pretty sure it was a lot prettier than NV/CA! Sounds like you had a trip of a lifetime. Don't worry, pretty soon you'll be missin life out on the road if your not already. I can't wait to do my trip again! I think about it ALL the time...

Drew M.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I stumbled upon your blog one day while goofing off on the internet. I've been following along this summer. You have totally inspired me to get myself in gear and start training to do one of these myself. Would love to chat with you about your experience and how you prepared for it. Shoot me an email at northeasternlaw at gmail dot com and perhaps we can set up a time to chat.

Kind regards,
Washington, DC